It is a way to health by a technique of applying direct pressure with fingers, thumb or palms of hand, over certain key-points over the body.

Proper circulation of blood to even the remotest part of body is essential to keep body free from congestion and ailments. Circulation is life, stagnation is death. This therapy stimulates blood circulation by relieving congestion n nerve ending and muscles. Four different systems of treatment can be included under acupressure therapy : (1) Zone therapy (2) Foot reflexology (3) Shiatsu therapy (4) Meridian Points therapy.

Zone Therapy

In this Therapy, our body is assumed to be longitudinally divided into 5 zones on the right and 5 zones on the left side of the central line of the body, vertically.

All parts of the body in the same zone are inter-related in such a way that any problem somewhere in a particular zone could be treated by pressure massage at some other area in that same zone.

Foot Reflexology

In this method, blood circulation in a particular organ in the body can be stimulated by pressure-massage at certain areas on the bottom, top or sides of the foot. Feet are a sort of switchboards, with different switches connected with the various organs of the body. A type of remote control.

Due to excess acid condition in our blood stream, frost-like acid crystals are formed in the nerve endings in the feet. They obstruct the normal blood circulation to the related organ. Pressure massage over certain areas (called Reflexes) on the feet, breaks and loosens, as well as clears these crystals, thereby restoring the normal blood circulation to the organ involved. The dislodged crystals are carried away by the blood gradually and the acid is thrown out of the body through kidneys. Pain felt at reflexes on foot during the massage is due to these crystals getting crushed there.

Identical reflexes as on the foot, are located on the hands also. But it is found more effective to treat the foot reflexes because the foot has a larger area and generally it is more protected than the hand, therefore tenderness (pain) of the reflexes is more noticeable in the foot than in the hands.

Shiatsu Therapy

This is a type of local points pressure treatment. Pressure points spread over the affected region of the body are to be treated for cure.

Movement of body is caused by contraction of muscles. Energy for contraction of muscles is produced by a substance called Glycogen (a product from liver). When it combines with oxygen from lungs, combustion generates energy for muscular contraction. This produces a residue, called lactic acid. When sufficient quantity of lactic acid accumulates in the muscles, the contraction becomes difficult or impossible. By applying digital pressure over such muscles, 80% of the acid is reconverted into glycogen, thus relieving the muscle of the acid. This eleminates fatigue, improper muscular contraction and illness.

Meridian Points Therapy According to a concept, human body has an internal network of about 14 channels (called meridians) located deep in the body, through which the energy flows. There are about 365 points over the body where these channels surface into the skin. Different ailments are caused when the balance of energy flowing through different meridians is upset or disturbed due to blockage of flow at some points. By treating with pressure massage these meridian points surfacing on skin, the blockage is removed resulting in the normal flow of energy again. This restores the balance of flow in all meridians and thereby, the ailment is cured. The point to be treated may not be necessarily over the affected region, it can be very far from the affected region. In this booklet, we have not discussed Meridian Points in details.

Acupressure therapy is a harmless way of treatment, but very often producing miraculous results. It has been recognized by many Governments abroad and is being practiced in countries like China, Japan, America, Europe, Russia etc. There the Acupressure therapists and the Physicians work in co-operation.


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