Notes for Shiatsu Point Treatment.

  1. Points shown on one half of the body to be repeated on the other half also.

  2. Apply pressure evenly and gently for 5 to 7 seconds over each point thrice. Neck area being sensitive, apply pressure for 3 seconds only in that area.

  3. If even medium pressure on a point brings pain, reduce the pressure.

  4. Regarding degree of pressure, it is best if your pressure brings you to a point between pleasure and pain due to pressing.
basic shiatsu

Press the point located just beneath your jaw, where you can feel your pulse, over the carotid arteries. Press gently for 5 seconds on left side and release the pressure. Repeat this for three times, first on left side and then on the right side. Next, press gently the central point over medulla oblongata on the rear of your neck, located just at the base of your skull for 5 seconds, Repeat three times. Now press 4 points, one after another, located on either side of your neck on the rear, first on left and then on the right side. Repeat thrice, each for 5 seconds. Next, press the single point in the pit of your stomach for 5 seconds, thrice. Lastly, give pulling pressure at the base of the nail of the middle finger of hand, first left and then right hand. Take this treatment once a day, for some weeks regularly till your blood pressure stabilizes.

shiatsu blood pressure

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